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Email on Your Terms

We believe in tools that can simplify processes, drive efficiency, and foster productivity. We believe in consumer choice, data privacy, and continuous improvement. We believe that technology can be an instrument for positive change. We are building lockrMail because email is broken. Increasingly, brands are using email as their primary

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3 Tips for Using the lockrMail Chrome Extension

Congratulations! You’ve downloaded the lockrMail Google Chrome extension and are officially on your way to enhancing your productivity even further. To get you started, we’re

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Setting lockrMail as your Auto-fill Email within your Browser

So you’re set up with your new lockrMail account and ready to start saving major time with filtered emails. The most important next step is

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Le Cinq Interview with Founder, Keith Petri: On An Open and Free Internet, Quantitative Dieting, and Wood-Burning Ovens

View original interview at Le Cinq Keith Petri is the founder of lockrMail, a pre-filter for your inbox, making your email work for you. Prior


How lockrMail Saves Time & Boosts Productivity

Monday Morning It’s 8:30 am, coffee in hand, you’re ready to start the workday. First up on the docket: tackle your inbox. This is a pretty standard early morning task across most industries. We need to check for anything urgent, reply timely to colleagues or friends in need of information,

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Why lockr?

After a decade of building companies on the backbone of consumer behavioral data, I have decided to build a suite…

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