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Decoding the Filter Library

Published April 22, 2021

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our Filter Library! Whether you want to refine emails by brand or topic, or get more complex – searching only for order updates or limited release items – our Filter Library simplifies the process by handling the keyword logic for you.

The initial launch includes several preset Filters for you to choose from:

Order Updates – This Filter is perfect to use with retail brands that you order from with some regularity, but where you don’t want to see any promotional marketing. We’ll be sure that all order updates (order summaries, shipping notifications, tracking updates, delivery notices, etc.) reach your inbox, while all other emails will be blocked. 

No Sponsored Content – We recommend using this Filter with newsletter subscriptions that occasionally send separate sponsored emails from advertisers. By applying this Filter, you’ll still receive your daily or weekly news updates, without those pesky advertisements.

Minimal Marketing – We love using this Filter for brands and ecommerce sites that send a lot of emails. It’s a perfect modification for Senders that you want to stay up-to-date with, but don’t want to be inundated and don’t necessarily have any specific items or keywords in mind. By adding this Filter to a Sender, we’ll limit the number of emails forwarded each week by that brand. 

Discounts – This one should be pretty self-explanatory! So many of you love using lockrMail Filters for discount thresholds that we simply had to include this as one of our preset options. Just select the desired lower and upper bound and voilà – only emails with discounts within that range will come through.

Clearance – Okay bargain hunters, this one is for you. This Filter automatically restricts promotional emails to 50% off and higher. It also listens for other buzzwords like, “Clearance” and “Half Off.”

Limited Release – Some of our favorite brands launch limited issue items and we want to be the first ones to know about them. This Filter will highlight specifically those emails announcing limited release products, blocking all other emails.

New Stuff! – Similar to Limited Release, this Filter is great to use with retail brands where you want to stay on top of new arrivals. This Filter will forward any email that comes through highlighting new arrivals and new issues, blocking all other emails.

By Brand – Enter any of your favorite brand names here and we’ll filter for those when reviewing communications from this Sender. Be sure to separate multiple brands with a comma.

By Item – Same thing here – enter any particular items you’re searching for (jeans, kitchen stools, pet treats!) and we’ll filter for those when reviewing communications from this Sender.  Be sure to separate multiple brands with a comma.

By Keyword – Last but not least, enter any particular topics you’re interested in and we’ll filter for those keywords. Under several verticals, we also recommend various topics you may want to consider for different vendors. For example, under Travel, you may want to filter by a particular destination that you’re heading to; under Sports, you may want to filter for your favorite team or player.  

Let’s recap! When setting Filters for each Sender, you now have three different options as a starting point: (1) Filter Library (2) Custom Filters or (3) Saved Filters. Note that you can select multiple preset Filters from the Filter Library (for example: Order Updates + Discounts 30%+), but at the moment, you cannot combine Custom Filters with preset Filters. We’d love your feedback on this new release and are also open to suggestions for new preset Filters to add in the future. To share Filter ideas or general feedback, please comment here