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Forward Thinking Founders Interview: On Protecting Your Email Inbox

Published June 29, 2021

lockrMail CEO Keith Petri was recently interviewed by the host of Forward Thinking Founders, Mat Sherman. Forward Thinking Founders is a popular podcast for the start-up community, featuring early-stage companies and interviews with high-profile founders. 

In the episode, Keith explains why we’ve yet to reach the pinnacle of email marketing and why the issue of our out-of-control inboxes will continue to escalate over the coming months. He also shares further detail on his unique background and what drove him to start lockrMail. At the end of the episode, Keith and Mat touch on the future goals of lockr and our vision to serve the consumer across all aspects of data management, user consent and online privacy.

Thanks to Mat and the Forward Thinking Founders community for featuring lockrMail!