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How lockrMail Saves Time & Boosts Productivity

Published March 16, 2021

Monday Morning

It’s 8:30 am, coffee in hand, you’re ready to start the workday. First up on the docket: tackle your inbox. This is a pretty standard early morning task across most industries. We need to check for anything urgent, reply timely to colleagues or friends in need of information, and maintain fluid contact with our clients and partners. Regardless of your profession, job function, or even phase of life (student, full-time mom, entrepreneur or standard 9-5er), email is priority #1. 

The Problem

The problem is that (too often these days!) we start this first task, and what should take 20-30 minutes, stretches through the better part of the morning. As more and more websites, brands, newsletters, and networking groups request our email address, our inbox is getting increasingly inundated.  

Wasted Time & Decision Fatigue

While some of us may be able to immediately identify the important items, the large majority of us spend upwards of 3.1 hours per day a day reviewing emails across multiple inboxes. It takes time to scan, review, delete, respond, and file all of those communications. And each email is an additional decision our brain has to make that day: Delete? Save for later? Reply now? Is this important? 

Reduced Productivity

The result is we are spending too much time dealing with email, and less time working on actual projects. The invention of email and the internet has rapidly increased the speed at which we can conduct business or personal affairs, but the explosion in the use of email as a primary marketing tool has ultimately led to decision fatigue and a decline in general productivity. 

An Email Solution for the Modern Age

Enter lockrMail – a free tool that acts as a pre-filter for your inbox, allowing you to save hours every week. lockrMail provides each user with a unique lockrMail email address that can be used with the brands, websites, and companies that email them daily. Every communication that comes to a users’ lockrMail email address can then be blocked or filtered based on a robust set of predetermined and customizable criteria, and forwarded along (as desired) to an email inbox (personal/work/school). All of these settings are dynamic as well, so lockrMail users can easily pause or umute emails at certain times, update Filters in line with life events and changing needs, and alter destination inboxes as needed. 

Your New Monday Morning

Once you start using lockrMail for brand communications, your inbox becomes simplified, streamlined and decluttered. On Monday morning, your daily inbox assessment actually only takes a few minutes and you’re ready for your 9 am meeting. Throughout the day, you know that every unread email is either from a direct contact or has been allowed through to your inbox because it meets a very specific set of criteria, so the number of decisions you have to make is drastically reduced, saving your brain power for more important ones.

So let’s recap… how can lockrMail help you save time and boost your productivity? Here are 5 ways, but we’re sure you can think of more. 

1. lockrMail automatically blocks unwanted emails. Unwanted emails from Senders set to “Block” or with pre-set Filters will be automatically filtered out and they’ll never see the light of your inbox. 

2. lockrMail moves your decision point up the marketing funnel. Last month, maybe you had no interest in Nordstrom’s sales, but this month you’re on the hunt for a birthday gift for your sister. With traditional email, your brain has to enforce that decision with every single email communication from Nordstrom. With lockrMail, you only need to make that decision once – adjust your Filters in lockrMail for Nordstrom, and go on with your day.

3. lockrMail declutters your inbox. Good-bye piles of unread emails before Noon – hello a clean and manageable inbox.

4. lockrMail highlights desired promotions. By simplifying your inbox, lockrMail reduces the urge to “Delete All.” If it came through your pre-set Filters, you know the email contains some information you are interested in and the risk of accidentally deleting something of value is mitigated.

5. lockrMail simplifies life changes. Switched jobs? Got married and planning to change your name? Switching your email address can lead to a time consuming effort to update all your email subscriptions and as you move in your career and life this can come up again and again. Once you start using lockrMail as a primary tool in your email arsenal, those changes are a breeze as you can easily add new Destination Emails and switch the desired Destination Email for multiple senders at once.

Jenny Hagan

Head of Operations
Jenny leads Operations at lockr, with a focus on Marketing and Strategy. Her diverse background in business and 5 years in Ad Tech give her a unique perspective on consumer digital identity.