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What does lockrMail provide as a service?

lockr’s mission is to act as an agent on behalf of the consumer’s best interest. Our first product, lockrMail is an email productivity tool that empowers consumers to regain complete control of their inbox:

  • Online privacy is of growing concern. You don’t provide your Social Security number to anyone and everyone; so why provide your personal and identifiable email address to every website under the sun? lockrMail provides a public-facing lockrMail email address instead of giving away your personal or professional email address, which should remain private and only in the hands of those you trust. 
  • lockrMail gives you full control over who can email you, plus you can filter email from brands to ensure you only see relevant communications.
  • With the lockrMail Chrome browser extension, have your email auto-complete on any form. Plus, with partner websites you can be logged in automatically – avoiding any registration needs on publisher sites and some eCommerce platforms.

Will my identity be disclosed if I reply to a forwarded email?

If you reply to an email that was received via your lockrMail email address, your response will route through the lockrMail servers and will appear to the recipient as having been sent from your lockrMail email address.

*Note: if you are using the ‘Send Email As’ functionality in Gmail, this lockrMail feature will not work. If you add any additional recipients to the thread, your reply to those new recipients will not display from your lockrMail email.

How does lockrMail work?

lockrMail provides a screen on top of your personal and professional inboxes that serves as a filter for email senders that you control. By default, all new emails arrive to your primary private email inbox. You can block, filter or re-route the emails to another private inbox (like your work email), based upon the Sender. All blocked emails are sent in summary via lockrBox which is set to deliver weekly on Sundays (though you can update to daily delivery).

How does lockrMail generate its email addresses?

lockrMail creates a unique email address for your exclusive use – early users get to create their own! Connect any personal and professional email account to your lockrMail and start using your lockrMail address to sign up for new products and services.

How does lockrMail combat spam?

lockrMail provides a one-click block option for all senders. No longer worry about having to find the unsubscribe link (if it exists), and filling out random questions in order to unsubscribe.

Does lockrMail work with any email provider?

Yes, lockrMail integrates with all email clients, including personal and work-related accounts. Unlike other email tools, lockrMail does not authenticate with your email provider, so we are not limited by complex integrations. lockrMail is a hub and filtering service that sits between companies and your inbox to optimize what emails get delivered, to which destination, and when.

Does lockrMail delete emails already in my inbox in any scenario?

No, lockrMail doesn’t have access to any emails in your private inboxes.

Does lockrMail change or modify any of the current emails in my inbox?

No, lockrMail does not affect the emails that have already been delivered in your inbox.