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How do I use the Filter Library?

Published March 16, 2021

On the Sender line, select the Filter icon to open the Filter modal. It will open the Filter Library by default. 

Select the Category of your Sender in order to view suggested Filters for that category. Then, simply select the Filter(s) that you would like to enable for this Sender. When selecting the Discount Filter, you will be prompted to set a lower and upper bound for your Filter range. When selecting one of the custom By Brand, By Item, By Keyword Filters, be sure to enter the desired keyword(s) in the space provided. Remember to hit ‘Save’ on your selections!

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How do I set up a Filter?

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How do I create a custom Filter?

On the Sender line, select the Filter icon to open the Filter modal. Toggle to 'Add New' on the left.  In the Sender(s) line, the selected Sender will be included by default, but you can also add additional Senders if... Read More