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How do I use GPC with lockr?

Published January 27, 2022

lockr now supports the use of GPC via our lockr chrome extension. lockrMail users who have downloaded our Chrome extension will now see a global account setting under the Chrome Extension section of this page:, where they can enable or disable GPC. 

When enabled, the lockr Chrome extension will communicate the GPC signal to any website a consumer visits, indicating a tracking prevention request. The user will then be able to change this on a per domain basis via the domain settings page:

Alternatively, the user can toggle off the global GPC setting, and enable GPC on an individual domain basis from the domain page or from the chrome extension when visiting any given site. The GPC signal will be communicated to all websites a user visits – it is not limited to the brands or companies emailing the user’s lockrMail email address. The user must be logged in to the lockr chrome extension in order for the feature to function properly. 

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Why is GPC only available if I have the lockr Chrome extension?

The GPC setting is communicated to websites from the lockr Chrome extension. A lockrMail user must be using the Chrome browser and be logged into the chrome extension in order for lockr to communicate the GPC preference. For this reason,... Read More