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lockrMail vs. Leave Me Alone

There are several email productivity and privacy tools on the market today and we want to help you choose the tool that works best for you. When comparing lockrMail with Leave Me Alone, some of the key differentiating factors to keep in mind are:

lockrMail is mobile optimized.

Unlike Leave Me Alone, lockrMail’s product is fully optimized for your smartphone, meaning all features can be accessed seamlessly from any mobile device.

lockrMail offers advanced filtering functionality.

In addition to binary allow and block options per Sender as offered through Leave Me Alone, lockrMail also allows you to create and enable advanced filters. With lockrMail Filters you can curate which emails are delivered from a given Sender based on desired content, and block the rest.

lockrMail offers significantly more premium features for free.

lockrMail has a robust free offering with multiple destination emails and unlimited email blocking – both features only offered to Leave Me Alone’s premium subscribers. 

lockrMail has a convenient browser extension.

lockrMail’s Chrome extension identifies email registration fields across the web, allowing for easy auto-fill of your lockrMail email address. Additionally, the extension will pop-up and notify you as you browse websites for brands that use your lockrMail email address – reminding you to update filter and forwarding settings as needed.

lockrMail does not authenticate or integrate into your email inbox.

lockrMail does not want to access any of your private emails or personal communications with friends or family. Unlike Leave Me Alone, we do not require integration or authentication into your email client. lockrMail only processes emails from brands that are contacting your lockrMail email address.

lockrMail preserves your privacy online.

lockrMail provides you with a public-facing email address that allows you to keep your personal email private and secure. Leave Me Alone is only a tool that integrates with your current email and does not offer you the added security of a public email. 

lockrMail provides you access to blocked emails.

Blocking emails is a critical way to manage your inbox, but sometimes an important email may miss your filters. lockrMail allows you to easily view blocked emails and manually deliver them to your inbox at any point.

lockrMail users can reply to emails from their lockrMail email address.

When users reply to a brand email that was sent to their lockrMail email address, the response will route through the lockrMail server and appear to the Sender as having been sent from the lockrMail email address. This helps preserve anonymity for our users and maintain consistency when contacting brands’ customer support. This feature is not applicable to Leave Me Alone’s solution which does not offer users a secure public-facing email address. 

In addition to these unique features, lockrMail shares several key characteristics with Leave Me Alone that you may be looking for. 

  • lockrMail is a complementary email tool that is compatible with all email clients.
  • lockrMail is user-friendly with one-click blocking right from the email
  • lockrMail allows you to regain control of your inbox and is privacy-safe (we never sell your data!).

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